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'Brilliant!! Well prepared, suitable and open.' - KS2 Teacher

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'Perfectly pitched. Exactly what was promised.' - Headteacher

At Pop’n’Olly, our meticulously crafted LGBT+ school workshops are designed as engaging and informative sessions that ignite a passion for diversity and equality while fostering genuine empathy and acceptance.


Tailored to Suit Every Year Group's Unique Needs

We understand that each year group has its own specific needs and general levels of understanding. That's why our workshops are carefully tailored to cater to the age-appropriate understanding of LGBT+ identities. We provide a clear and positive foundation that not only educates but also empowers, laying the groundwork to eliminate LGBT+ related bullying and prejudice within your school community.


Expertly Crafted by Mel Lane, Our Head of Education

Meet the mastermind behind our exceptional workshops: Mel Lane, our Head of Education. With over two decades of dedicated experience in the field of Education and Teaching, Mel brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Her passion for creating inclusive environments and her deep understanding of educational dynamics make our workshops an invaluable resource for schools ready to embark on a journey toward LGBT+ inclusivity.

'Excellent, so much fun. Highly recommend.' - KS1 Teacher

What is Covered in the School Workshops?

Click here to download our information pack and find out exactly what we will be covering with each year group.

Bo oking

To book one of our school workshops, or for more information, do not hesitate to contact us by email at where we can answer any questions or arrange a call with you.

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