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About Pop'n'Olly

Combating LGBT+ Prejudice Before it Begins to Develop

'Children are Not Born Prejudiced. It is a Learned Behavior.'

Pop'n'Olly is the UK's leading LGBT+ educational resource for children, parents, carers and teachers. Our videos and books are being used in primary schools across the UK and beyond to help teach about equality and diversity whilst ultimately helping to combat LGBT+ prejudice before it can begin to form.

Pop'n'Olly familiarises children with different types of people, particularly those who are LGBT+, through original stories, books and videos.


Important messages and topics are further enhanced and explained with Pop'n'Olly's lesson ideas and classroom activities - all of which have been designed, by education experts, to help make teaching LGBT+ education at primary level as easy and as enjoyable as possible.

Pop'n'Olly is passionate about making sure primary teachers are equipped and confident with regard to LGBT+ education. We offer both in-person and digital teacher training as well as school workshops for children too.

Our 'Pride in Primary' campaign aims to donate copies of our inclusive books to every primary school in the UK - get involved HERE.

What Does Pop'n'Olly Offer?

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