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Corporate Talks

'Inspiring, insightful and uplifting.' - Dave Richards, Capital One

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'Olly is a fantastic speaker for both young people and adults. Thoroughly engaging.'

- Hashim Din, Wakefield Council

Olly (he/him) is available to visit your company in person (or virtually) to share the impactful work he has accomplished through Pop'n'Olly. Prepare for a captivating journey as Olly shares his personal experience growing up LGBT+ in the era of Section 28, shedding light on the challenges faced and the vital importance of LGBT+ education. Through a combination of heartfelt storytelling and a colourful presentation, Olly's talks are an opportunity to ignite dialogue, broaden perspectives, and make a positive impact.

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Alternatively, Pop'n'Olly's Workshops and Training Lead, Jack Lynch (they/them) can visit your company and share their story of hiding their identity for 20 years and the freedom they have found in breaking through the gender binary. Jack will share their joyful experiences of leading Pop'n'Olly's Schools Workshops Programme and the way in which we can all use the power of our voice to create a legacy of inclusion for the next generation

'Engaging, educational and pitched just right for the audience.

Would recommend for anyone looking to upskill their colleagues.'

- Killian Craddock, Marks & Spencers

As part of your booking, your company will have the opportunity to donate Pop'n'Olly books to UK primary schools of your choice. Visit to see what you can donate.


Email for further inquiries about a corporate talk.

Want more than a talk?

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Some of the Organisations We've Delivered Talks To...

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