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You Know You’re Supportive… But Do Others?

Easy Ways to Show Your Support for LGBT+ Families, Students & Colleagues

Wherever I am, whenever I see a rainbow flag, sticker, or wristband it makes me feel a little bit more relaxed, a little more positive and a little spark bit of joy.

Showing support for anyone who identifies as LGBT+, such as students, family members or colleagues, is incredibly powerful. Countless young people and parents have told me how much it means to them to see a rainbow/trans-supportive flag on display at their school.

A rainbow flag is a very low-cost and easy (but high impact!) way to ensure that LGBT+ parents/carers know they can talk to you openly, that colleagues can be themselves around you, and that students (who may or may not yet know they are LGBT+) know that whoever they, their friends or their family are, is absolutely fine. Everyone is welcome in your classroom/school.

Five Easy Ways to Show YOU are LGBT+ Welcoming and Inclusive at School:

• Wear a rainbow lanyard (rainbow/trans lanyards are available from The Proud Trust)

• Put a rainbow/trans-inclusive sticker on your classroom door or whiteboard

• Tuck a progress pride flag into your pen pot

• Add your pronouns to your email signature e.g. Mel Lane (she/her)

• Wear an 'ally' badge

Five Tips for YOUR SCHOOL to Show They are LGBT+ Inclusive:

• Fly the progress pride flag outside your school

• Display a mini pride/trans-inclusive flag in the reception area for visitors to see clearly

• Include something on your website stating that everyone is welcome in your school, including people with protected characteristics.

• Display some Pop’n’Olly LGBT+ Hero Posters around the school

• Add pronouns to staff photos and name badges

Free Download - Primary LGBT+ Annual Planner

Download our Primary LGBT+ Annual Planner at Throughout the year we'll be highlighting and supplying resources and activities to help you deliver each topic. Access all of our resources at

Join the Discussion

Join our free Teacher Facebook Group and share with us (and other educators) how you visibly demonstrate your support for LGBT+ families, colleagues and students at your school.


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