Meet the Team

Who we are and what we do.

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Olly Pike

Director and CEU (Chief Executive Unicorn)

Director and CEU (Chief Executive Unicorn)

Creator of Pop'n'Olly Ltd, Olly writes the stories, draws the pictures, animates the videos and even stars in them!

Olly has a background in performing arts and children's entertainment. This has provided a perfect foundation for his many years creating fun and informative inclusive content for children of all ages. 


Jack Lynch

Marketing Manager

Jack is the marketing maestro here at Pop'n'Olly, making sure we can get our work out to the right people. 

Jack is a Strength and Conditioning coach by trade working with youth populations to improve their physical literacy. He is passionate about creating a better future for our young people and believes that the root of dispelling prejudice is with education. 

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Mel Lane

Education Adviser

Mel has been a primary school teacher for nearly 30 years and worked in schools on LGBTQ+ Inclusion with thousands of children and hundreds of teachers. 

My biggest aim is to help children feel good about who they are and who they love.  I like to think of us all being part of a huge team, all working in our own way to make things better for children around the world. Slowly and surely we are making things better.