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'Rainbow Bundle' - LGBT+ Children's Books by Olly Pike

'Rainbow Bundle' LGBT+ Children's Books


This Bundle includes:


'What Does LGBT+ Mean?'

'Pop'n'Olly's first non-fiction book, aimed at upper KS2 & lower KS3 students (or anyone who needs a bit of education around the topic of LGBT+). This will be an incredibly useful book for teachers and educators. This book explores identity, assigned sex, gender, love, sexuality, discrimination, privilege, allyship, pride and more.'


'Kenny Lives with Erica and Martina'

This book tells the story of Kenny whose grey world soon becomes a lot more colourful with the arrival of some new neighbours. Kenny and his mums welcome the change, but this can't be said for everyone who lives on their street. Kenny has to somehow let everyone know that being different is not something to be afraid of. A story which aims to teach children about diversity, equality and acceptance.​


'Prince Henry'

A gay fairytale romance for young readers, where ‘class’ is the discriminating factor rather than sexuality. Join Henry in his fairytale kingdom where certain laws apply when it comes to choosing who you can spend your life with. Intended for young readers, 'Prince Henry' delivers a positive message of both love and equality.



What happens when you don't have a fairy godmother to grant your every wish? Jamie doesn't. So she finds her own way to go to the ball. A story of determination, hard work and transition. With some clever mice and a pumpkin car, join Jamie as she becomes... Jamie!


'Princes Penny & the Pea'

It's not easy being a princess. There are so many rules. Penny just wants to have fun like everyone else. Find out what happens when an unexpected dinner guest leads to a number of zany trials and challenges. A tale that questions whether our differences should determine how we are treated.



'Goldilocks and the Five Bear Families'

Goldilocks has lots of letters to deliver! Join her as she ventures out of her cottage to meet lots of different bear families. 'Goldilocks and the Five Bear Families' is an adapted fairytale designed to teach early readers about family diversity. An ideal KS1 resource.


'Little Red Riding Dude'

Christopher (also known as ‘Little Red Riding Dude’) is on his way to Grandma’s house. He needs to help her prepare for the village’s annual Pride festival, but some bad weather forces Christopher to take shelter in the woods where he unexpectedly meets someone new.

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