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Teachers: How to 'Come Out' at School

In this week's episode of the Equality Education Podcast, Olly speaks with Garry Ratcliffe, who is the current Headteacher of three primary schools in Kent. Garry has been teaching for 25 years, he is openly gay and he kindly shares some incredibly useful information that any LGBT+ teacher planning on coming out at school must know!

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To accompany this week's episode check out this free educational resource which can help introduce LGBT+ characters at primary level.

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This week's resource is from Prince Henry which is Pop'n'Olly's gay fairytale romance story, it's our most popular book and is used in homes and classrooms regularly across the UK.

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Also check out the animated reading version of Prince Henry. To watch now, CLICK HERE.

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Check out the Equality Education Podcast where Pop'n'Olly Director, Olly, alongside some great guests, discuss best practices for a truly inclusive LGBT+ education.

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