Making sure your school is an LGBT+ friendly place is a legal requirement and Ofsted inspectors will be assessing schools on how well they adhere to the Equality Act 2010.


Olly's inclusive fairytale workshops are adapted for varying age groups and abilities, catering for reception classes, KS1 and KS2. Sessions reflect upon Olly’s videos and stories and effectively engage children by embracing the exciting world of Youtube. Olly is also DBS approved.


For more information on workshops for your school, or educational establishment, then send us a message at


Thornhill Primary School

“Olly was fantastic with all the children and had adapted his input to the ability and needs of the class. The actual workshop was perfectly set, and sensitively covered different family set ups including foster families.”

- Year 1 Teacher, Thornhill Primary School.

"I felt that he pitched it very appropriately for Y6 and I loved the emphasis he placed on treating everyone equally.  The videos he showed enhanced the learning experience."

- Year 6 Teacher, Thornhill Primary School.

“Year R (Reception) really enjoyed their visit form Olly. It was very engaging and age appropriate. We especially liked his stories.


It prompted lots of questions and discussions and Olly was good at managing this in a child friendly way. I would recommend his visit to anyone. Well done for keeping 4-5 year olds engaged and very interested.”


- Reception Teacher, Thornhill Primary School.

Inscape House School

"Olly was a wonderful speaker, adapting both his tone and style to suit a vast array of age ranges; he offered varied lessons for different age groups that differed in style and through the type of planned activity. 


For the younger students he was able to hook them into the topic, drawing on his vast array of Youtube videos and his growing collection of LGBT literature aimed, purposefully, at young people.

Whilst working with the older pupils Olly planned sessions that looked at wider issues within the LGBT community. He shared what it was like to come out and how he found his own time during school. Our older students sometimes challenged Olly with difficult or piercing questions but he always managed to draw on his wealth of knowledge and resources to both answer them and leave both students and staff asking more or questioning their own ideas / perceptions." 


- Teacher, Inscape House School.

Parkfield Community School, Birmingham

"The children at our school loved meeting Olly and asking questions about his YouTube films and stories. Olly has a natural enthusiasm that shines through his work and enables children to feel comfortable about discussing differences." 


- Winnie Quinn, librarian and Andrew Moffat, Assistant Head Teacher, Parkfield Community School.