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A place where Olly can thank everyone who is supporting his work via Patreon or monthly Paypal donations.

'Hello my magical Pop'n'Olly Pals! Without you Pop'n'Olly would not be where it is today. So I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my unicorn heart, NEIGH!

You are allowing me to continue my dream job of creating LGBT+ Educational content for children, not just in the UK but across the world. Together we are combatting prejudice before it can even begin. I love getting to know you all via the Pop'n'Olly chat. Thank you a million times.'

Love and/or Unicorns,

Olly xoxox


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Pixie Patreons

Barry Brett-McStay, Catt kent,

Charlotte Drohan, Danny Stes, Ed Rogers, Eian Crockatt,

Glenn Brumbaugh, Jacque-Lucca Kearney,

Joshua Howard, Julian Phatarfod, Joseph Powell,

Richard Angell, Chris Gaunt, Keith Hayman


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Elf Patreons

Chris Plato, Eggotistical Raven,  Jamie Sanderson,

Jon Ford, Kenji Shoemaker, Ray Cielencki, 

Sean Shimamoto, Thomas Peach,

Stuart Gardner, Markus Groß


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Andrew Upton, Frans Zeelie, James Gregory-Monk,

Jonathan Dusseau,

Løüphī Hébert, Martin Dickinson,

Matt Moore, Evan Melkersman,

Marco Hoogerbrugge


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Adam, Arianna, Christopher Hone, Darrell S. Nixon,

Dean Welbourn, Jonathan Jacob, Matthew Doyle, Mark Reed, Mel Lane,

Rebekka Zell, Roland Griffiths-White,

Stephen Doughty, Tobias Traves, Paul Borer, Alex Chen,

Peter Kennedy-Watson, Tom Dally, Drag Queen Story Time,

Steven Wood, John B Sheffield, Matthew Starr

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Unicorn Patreons


Cairn Newton-Evans BEM, Chris Davis, Dani,

Ed Pitt Ford, Greg Arthur, Haydn R Clarke, James Dray, 

John Dillon, Liam Martin-Lane, Martin Hutchinson,

Matthew Fitzpatrick, Matthew Gregory, Nicholas Mowat, 

Paul Burlinson-Ely, Chris White, Chris Gaidhu-Withell,

Michelle Watson, Bob Clegg, Drew Munn, 

Reece Gumble, Justin Barton


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Clare Dean, Dave Smith, Ian Buxton, Jack D,

Denislav Ivanov