Children's Media Conference 2020

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

This year 'The Children's Media Conference' took place digitally, due to COVID-19, and once again, Pop'n'Olly has had the honour of taking part. Our Director, Olly, brought his thoughts and experience to a panel called 'LGBTQ+ Now'.

The discussion brought together creatives, broadcasters and policy makers to consider LGBTQ+ storytelling now. How is the latest content paving the way for authentic representation and empowering self-expression for a new generation? And how do we pledge to increase the volume of authentic LGBTQ+ storytelling?

Olly also took part in the last LGBTQ+ themed panel back in 2018, which you can listen to for FREE HERE.

We take such pride in being given such platforms to discuss the future of equality and inclusive education for children of all ages. We hope to be back next year.

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